Alliance Tour has the pleasure to provide tourism services in Azerbaijan to Arab brothers and to all brothers in general. Our company offers all services at the highest level in both Arabic and English. The company organizes tours for Arabs to many places The company also provides its guests with Arabic-speaking guests with excellent tourist guides and all modern means of transport to travel during the tours.
Azerbaijan enjoys a variety of types of tourism for different purposes such as tourism, medical, natural, sports, cultural and recreational ..... and others

Our Services

- Assistance in obtaining an electronic visa to Azerbaijan.
- Individual tours and groups in Azerbaijan.
- Reservation of hotels in Azerbaijan.
- Organizing conferences and seminars in Azerbaijan.
- Translation and guidance services.
- Insurance of cars inside Azerbaijan.
- Medical Tourism .

About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region that stretches between Eastern and Western Europe and Asia, so we expect a clash between East and West, and you will find a lot of fun if you visit this place. Azerbaijan is located on the Caspian Sea, and there are many wonderful sub-tropical coastal resorts. The name of the place can be considered Azerbaijan as the land of fire. You can go on a trip to the burning fiery mountains or mud volcano. There are also hill cities with mosques and ancient minarets, as well as some of the most impressive modern architecture in the world in the form of flame towers in Baku, so you should organize the time of your trip to Azerbaijan because there are many places that will impress you during your visit to the place it takes you On a trip at a crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Trip this month

The first day

- Reception of guests at the airport "Heydar Aliyev" International by the representative of the company and delivery to the hotel.
- The rest of the day is free time.

The second day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Enjoy the city of Baku from the highest point.
- Visit to the carpet museum.
- Visit to the small city of Venice.
- Visit to the ancient city of "Etchershar" and the castle of the Virgin and Palace of Kings "Shirwanshahin" and Friday Mosque.
- Free time to shop in the city center, walking on the Baku Corniche.
- Return to the hotel.

The third day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Heading to the city of "Kabala".
- Visit to the Friday mosque in the city of Shamakhi.
- Visit Lake Nohor and tea table around the lake.
- Accommodation in the hotel in "Kabala" free time.

The fourth day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Trip to Shaki City.
- A visit to the Palace of "Prince Shaqi."
- Visit to Karuan Sarai Complex.
- Show "Shaki Sweets"
- Orientation to the province of "Gakh".
- Visit to Achary Bazaar.
- An inspection visit to the old bridge and the castle of Somok and the waterfall of the village of Eliso (the height of the waterfall is about 30 meters).
- Return to the city of Kabala.
- Accommodation in the hotel in Qabala and free time.

The fifth day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- A visit to the Mount Dauan Dag Summer and Winter Tourism Complex.
- An inspection visit to Kabala Land amusement park.
- Skate shooting practice at the Shooting Club in the city of Kabala.
- Return to hotel and free time.

The sixth day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Visit Lake and the Falls of Nohor.
- Arrival in Baku, hotel accommodation and free time.

The seventh day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Visit the Heydar Aliyev Center.
- Visit to the Equestrian Center and the Mount of Fire.
- Visit to the temple of Ashkah.
Visit of Heydar Aliyev Mosque.
Free time.

The eighth Day

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Sightseeing tour of the city center and shopping.
- Delivery from the hotel to Heydar Aliyev International Airport and goodbye to safety.


Alliance Travel & Tourism is a Turkish investment company, based in Istanbul, şişli region in the Republic of Turkey , The company is characterized by its team of administrative and technical with long experience in the field of tourism , Since the establishment of the company was in the year 1990 and so far continues to provide distinctive services to all brothers coming to Turkey for the purpose of recreational tourism or medical tourism, study or work.

Alliance offers many services and facilities to the dear brothers coming to Turkey. The most important services are:

- Reservation of hotels, apartments and villas at the cheapest prices and best services in Istanbul especially and all over Turkey in general.
- Flight bookings on all international and domestic airlines and the cheapest prices and best services.
- Coordination and conduct of internal daily flights to the most important tourist areas in Istanbul and Turkey in general.
- Providing a customized tourist guide.
- Assist in renting the latest private cars and vıp with driver or without.
- Organizing conferences, seminars and training courses with the provision of specialized translators in this field.
- Assistance in the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey.
- Legal consulting service.
   And other other services ...

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Founder and general manager of the company.

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Incoming Operation

Responsible for internal and external public relations in the company.

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Operations Manager

Responsible for organizing internal and external operations of the company.

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