Elite World Hotels
The Elite International Hotels Istanbul Istanbul is designed to provide the comfort, style, facilities and services of its renowned hotels along with the traditional Turkish hospitality in its location and distinctive ruins.
Four Seasons
In this place, East meets the West, the past and the present. Meeting all seasons of the year, the Four Seasons Hotel is one of the examples of Istanbul's vibrant life.
Hilton Series
Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of Hilton Hotels, Resorts & Resorts.
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Holiday Inn
Is an American brand owned by Britain, a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group. It was established as a motel chain in the United States and has grown to become one of the largest hotel chains in the world, with 1,145 hotels active in the latest statistic on 30 September 2016.
Lasagrada Hotel
When all people have the same features of luxury and comfort.
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When you are in Istanbul, you can discover two cities in one city, and the Istanbul Marriott Hotel adds to the cultural and cultural meeting in one place.
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Mercure Hotel
Only Mercure lets you know local secrets and captures you in the tales.
Is a large multi-national hotel chain owned by Windham International. Which is more than 800 hotels in 63 countries under the brand of gray.
Radisson hotels
Radisson Hotels is a global hotel company and is a subsidiary of the Carlson Rezidor Hotels Group. It operates the brands Radisson, Radisson Blu, Radisson Red and Park Inn by Radisson with more than 990 locations in 73 countries.
Shangri-La hotels
Shangri-La hotels are luxury five-star hotels with headings throughout Asia, the Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe.
Swissôtel Bosphorus
The Swissotel Bosphorus Istanbul has 497 spacious guest rooms and suites designed to cater to guests who require the highest level of service and privacy.
Titanic hotels
It is one of the largest hotel chains in Turkey

Titanic Deluxe Bodrum

Titanic City Taksim

Titanic Comfort Şişli

Real Estates

Real Estates for Sale
We can help you to buy and sell all kinds of real estate: villa, apartment, land, building, ......
For more information please contact us at the numbers below.
Real Estates for Rent
We can also help you to rent the best furnished apartments with best quality and lowest prices We also offer the service of renting chalets, summer houses and many more .......
For more information please contact us at the numbers below.
Villa for sale in Dubai
The price is $ 1.200.000
For more information:
Please contact the company numbers

Apartment for sale in Istanbul in beylikdüzü area urgently
Specifications: Room + Salon
In the residential complex of Marmara
The price is $ 80.000
for more information :
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İstanbul'un en güzel komplekslerinde satılık daireler
İstanbul'un en güzel ve en güzel konut komplekslerinde satılık daireler ، Esenyurt'te delta kompleksi ... deniz manzaralı
20% İndirim nakit ödeme ile
Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen aşağıdaki numaralardan bize ulaşın.

An apartment in the lively center of the city of Istanbul
Apartment for sale in Istanbul city center Şişli ، Fully furnished apartment at an attractive price
For more information:
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For luxury lovers
Apartment for sale in the most prestigious areas of Istanbul

Furnished apartment for sale with an area of 550 square meters In the finest areas of Istanbul Consisting of : 2 large salon 6 bedrooms 6 bathrooms 4 storage rooms 2 Kitchen In addition to 3 private parking spaces
Place: Kuro Floria Complex - Bkrkoy
The price : two million dollars

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Successful investment project
Completely new building in the finest tourist cities of Romania Constantine

A completely new building licensed as a hotel
The area of the hotel is very distinctive overlooking the Black Sea

For more information:
Please contact the company numbers To be sent a full study on the project

Cars for Rent

Alliance Travel & Tourism offers car rental service to its dear customers.
The latest and newest types of cars can be offered at reasonable prices from the airport to the airport ، A knowledgeable driver can also be provided in all areas of Istanbul.

Tourism in Turkey

Spanga Lake
It is a freshwater lake
Located between Izmit Bay and Adabazari District.
The surface area is 45 km 2, 16 km east and west 5 km north and south, and its maximum depth is 52 meters.

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Topkapi Palace
From this palace was administered the Ottoman Empire
Today it is one of Turkey's largest museums
And contains many important things in the world, especially for Muslims
As special purposes of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
And the swords of the Rashidiin caliphs and companions and other important things

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Yildiz Park
Is a historic and urban park in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul,
It is one of the largest public parks
The park is located in the Yildiz district between Yildiz and Chiran Palaces

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Blue Mosque or Sultanahmet Mosque
It is a historic mosque located in Istanbul.
The mosque is a popular tourist site, near the historic Sirkegi station.
It is noteworthy that the mosque has been working as a mosque for hundreds of years until today.

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Princess Island
Princess Island is the first tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, especially during the summer, and trips to it on a daily basis

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Chiragan Palace
There are many large palaces, which attract the attention of visitors and tourists in Turkey, to see them from the inside and outside, and see its stunning designs, including the Palace "Chiragan"

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Belgrad Forest
In the Turkish city of Istanbul, the forests of Belgrade are considered to be one of the largest and most important natural areas in the city, covering an area of 5300 hectares, a protected area and a large park.

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Istanbul Ice Museum
A world frozen in magical imagination, all its components made of ice in the hands of the most illustrious sculptors, and out of the standards of the fashionable beyond the standards of creativity, the Museum of his sculptures and statues, and paintings written and painted and furniture and walls, all chose to form of ice; to draw paintings that have always caught the attention of visitors.

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Yalova .. Warm winter charm and physiotherapy
Water is a treatment for the heart and rheumatism. This is what the Turks say about their springs and hot baths. Turkey has its hot springs, offering its visitors an ideal bilateral treatment that combines self-indulgence and body treatment in rare ways.

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The warm Pamukkale springs of Turkey, which appear in the form of white stripes of the country's most famous tourist attractions, have formed these limestone terraces over millions of years

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Located in the north of Istanbul, about 97 km from the center, the village of "Kok Soo" and "Yashil Jay", in the northern part of Istanbul, attract thousands of foreign and local tourists.

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One of the cities of the south-west of the Turkish Republic, there are a number of tourist cities in Mugla in summer, including Marmaris and Fethiye, Bodrum, where the Greeks lived 3000 years ago, is today the most important tourist attractions on the Turkish Aegean coast, The height of 600 meters, 30 km, the closest coast of the sea in the Gulf of Gokova in the southwest.

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Alliance Travel & Tourism is a Turkish investment company, based in Istanbul, şişli region in the Republic of Turkey , The company is characterized by its team of administrative and technical with long experience in the field of tourism , Since the establishment of the company was in the year 1990 and so far continues to provide distinctive services to all brothers coming to Turkey for the purpose of recreational tourism or medical tourism, study or work.

Alliance offers many services and facilities to the dear brothers coming to Turkey. The most important services are:

- Reservation of hotels, apartments and villas at the cheapest prices and best services in Istanbul especially and all over Turkey in general.
- Flight bookings on all international and domestic airlines and the cheapest prices and best services.
- Coordination and conduct of internal daily flights to the most important tourist areas in Istanbul and Turkey in general.
- Providing a customized tourist guide.
- Assist in renting the latest private cars and vıp with driver or without.
- Organizing conferences, seminars and training courses with the provision of specialized translators in this field.
- Assistance in the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey.
- Legal consulting service.
   And other other services ...

Mohammed G. HATİP

Founder & Chairman

Founder and general manager of the company.

Phone : +90 (532) 232 85 23
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Sales & Res. Manager

Responsible for sales and bookings at the company.

Phone : +90 (506) 604 63 33
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Incoming Operation

Responsible for internal and external public relations in the company.

Phone : +90 (506) 604 63 30
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Operations Manager

Responsible for organizing internal and external operations of the company.

Phone : +90 (506) 604 63 31
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